Erratics Cricket Club - Email Members

Instructions for sending emails to club members:

- Make sure you are logged in to the website.
- Do you see a black 'toolbar' across the top of the page? If not, you do not have sufficient access rights to email club members directly. Contact the webmaster using the 'Contacts' page.

- If you do see the black 'toolbar':
- click the following options: 'Club Database' > 'Communications' > 'Email members'
- You should then see the following template:

Click on the first box ( 'Current / Past / Playing') and from the drop down menu select 'Current members' if you wish to email all Erratics on our mailing list (i.e. with general news / information about the annual dinner) or select 'Playing' if you wish to only contact current players (i.e. when prompting players to update their availability). You do not need to make any selections in the other boxes ('Gender', 'Officials', etc):

Then, simply add a title in the 'Subject' box, add your message in the 'Message Body' space, and hit send. Any replies to this email should come directly to you.

Any questions, contact the webmaster through the 'Contacts' section of the website.