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On This Weekend...

18 Apr 2020

Under normal circumstances our cricket season would have started tomorrow. Who knows when that may now happen. These are difficult times, and a great deal - including stuff more important that cricket - is being lost. But we need and must not lose our sense of Errati-community.

So, each weekend I will send out an 'On This Weekend' email, linking to a match report from the same stage of a previous season, so we can at least enjoy the pleasures of an Erratics game vicariously. Our first offering is from Sunday 17th April 2011. It wasn't until 2015 that our season started to routinely kick off on this weekend - more traditionally it seems to have done so on the last weekend of April - but we did have an early start that year on what looks like a fine spring day (see the photos at the bottom of the report). We made the trip east to our good friends Newton Poppleford, and Jim Thomson was assigned to report....

'The start of a new season has a special excitement, and the anxious minutes before the toss quiver with unanswered questions. Were the winter nets worth it? Will the doosra I'm trying out turn at all? Can I still bend down far enough to stop the ball in the field? Does my new bat have a good middle? How will the dog behave at his first cricket match? Would the host of Thomsons and extended Thomsons contribute anything worthwhile to the team? Are red socks ever acceptable on a cricket field? Who is Varun Kothamachu?'

Find out the answers in the full report here.