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Erratics Book the Third: Your Chance to Contribute!

07 Oct 2019

After many years of rumours, faint promises, and good intentions, we are finally going to make the third Erratics book a reality. This will provide a follow up to the two Stephen Fisher edited volumes of the club’s history—The Erratics: Fifty Not Out (covering 1934-1984) and The Erratics: The Glory Decade to 1994 (covering 1985-1994)—providing coverage of the club’s history between 1995 and 2019.

For those familiar with the earlier books, it will take a similar shape: a section containing ‘reminiscences’ by players; a selection of memorable match reports spanning the period; a statistical appendix lovingly compiled by Fraser Chave; and a small number of photographs to capture the Erratics in all their visual glory.

To get the ball rolling we would like to make an open invitation to Erratics past and present to contribute to the ‘reminiscences’ section of this book. We are looking for pieces reflecting on any aspect of your involvement in the club in any (or all!) of the years between 1995 and 2019. This can be any length you like, but if you want to write more than c.1000 words then check with us first.

In order to make this book a reality – and hopefully available in time for next season – we would like to get these in by the end of 2019. That gives you 3 months. Please email them to: We will put out a separate call for photos shortly.

You are welcome to write on any theme you like, but the following is a list of themes we are hoping to cover in the book which you could pick one or two of to address:

- memorable matches, fixtures, teammates, opponents, moments
- first games and first impressions
- how you discovered the Erratics
- what playing for the Erratics means to you      
- major changes (or continuities) in the experience of playing for the Erratics over the years
- the experience of home matches in the post-Gras Lawn era
- the experience of watching the Erratics as a spectator
- growing up with the Erratics as a child
- the experience of touring (Gloucestershire, North Devon, France, others...)
- playing indoor cricket
- women’s experiences of playing for the Erratics
- the perspective of our Indian players
- our relationship with the University
- reflections on playing friendly cricket (in contrast to league cricket)
- how the Erratics fit into your broader relationship with the game of cricket
- grounds, pubs, ferries, road trips, good teas, bad teas: the matchday experience

If you would like to write something then do let us know your intentions by emailing Mark ( and Chris ( Or, indeed, if you would like to write something but are stuck for ideas, we are happy to make tailored suggestions.Please do circulate this information to anyone you think may be interested in contributing but is no longer on our club mailing list.

Get thinking, then get writing!

Mark H & Chris F