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More Reports!

24 Jul 2023

Match reports are making a comeback! You can now read...

Valentin’s account of our moral draw at Tipton St John.

Jonathan’s account of a game against Broadclyst, including words of cricketing wisdom from Gilbert L Jessop.

And Andrew Forrester on a midweek defeat to the Crediton Inn.

Also, a couple of notes on Wraith’s Rovers from JK:

As JB reported, they call themselves a “dad’s and lad’s” team.  The team was set up by Nigel Wraith and this is only their second season.  Nigel, together with friends of his and their sons, wanted to find a way to play friendly cricket.  It happened that he was listening to some cricket commentary on the radio, and heard “someone famous from the Erratics” talking about the Googly Fund.  Inspired by what he heard, he applied for a grant and was delighted to be given enough to get going with some pads, bats and stumps.  Take a bow, Annie Chave!

JB mentioned that Steve Knightley watched the game.  This was because his son, Billy, was playing.  Not only was Billy a quick and accurate bowler, he was also the only retiree for Wraith’s Rovers.  Having struck multiple boundaries, he came back in to face the final over, and might have won it for them but for Hugh’s catch.  Steve himself is also a very good cricketer.  His career as a musician prevents him for playing, however.  He explained, “it would be pretty tough to have to tell Miranda and Phil (fellow members of Show Of Hands) that a tour had to be cancelled because he’d broken a finger.”